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Set a new PIN code in a convenient way through the PIN SET service

1. Go to to assign the first PIN to your card. Enter the required card details (card number, expiration date and CVV) and select the "Set PIN" operation. After that, an SMS with numbers and symbols (**121212**) will be sent to the mobile phone. Enter the assigned code (for example, 4545) in the appropriate field instead of asterisks in this form (4512121245). Confirm by clicking "OK". Congratulations! Try to remember your new PIN code!

If you have forgotten the PIN code of the card

2. If you have forgotten the PIN code of the card, in order to change it, you must first contact the bank at the short number 986 and reset it. Then you can use the method described in point 1 or use the ATM to assign a new PIN. Insert the card into any of our ATMs and select the PIN SET service in the left corner of the screen. Enter the one-time password that came to your mobile phone, then enter the new PIN-code of the card, enter it again and confirm.

Change your PIN-code via POS-terminal

3. Forgotten PIN-code can also be changed via POS-terminal. To do this, you need to visit  any bank branch and create a new PIN-code at the cash desk. For cards which do not support the PIN SET function you must contact the short number 986 to reset the PIN. The commission for resetting the PIN code is charged according to the bank's tariffs.

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