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Savings deposit account

Savings account brings benefits every day.

  • Minimum deposit amount0.01 AZN
  • Deposit termTermless
  • Interest rateup to 8.5 %

Personal data

ID card
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Deposit currency


Minimum deposit amount

0,01 AZN

Deposit term Termless
Interest rate*

According to the following table

Transfer of accrued interest

At a differentiated interest rate, at the beginning of each business day within a month using the 360/30 method, according to the Interest Calculation Table. If the account is reset to zero, no interest is accrued, with the next replenishment, interest is accrued in accordance with the initial placement period

*The Bank has the right to change interest rates unilaterally

Deposit term

Interset rate

3 months

3 %

3 - 6 months

3.5 %

6 -12 months

5 %

from 12 months 

8.5 %

*According to the conditions of the Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund, compensations are paid in the amount of 100 (one hundred) percent of the amount of the insured deposit, but not more than 100 (one hundred) thousand manat.

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