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VTB (Azerbaijan) continues to make money transfers to Russia

VTB (Azerbaijan) continues to make money transfers of individuals to Russia through the CONTACT payment system. Transfers can be sent to Russia in manats and foreign currencies without opening a bank account.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the maximum amount of one transfer per day without opening an account is $1,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.

As part of the campaign, until June 30, the commission for transferring funds from Azerbaijan to Russia will be 0.8% for all clients of VTB (Azerbaijan).

You can make a transfer using the CONTACT system at any branch of VTB (Azerbaijan). When sending a payment to the Russian Federation in manats or US dollars, the recipient will receive funds in rubles. It will be possible to receive an enrollment in any of the partner banks of the CONTACT system in Russia.

Clients from Russia can also send money transfers to Azerbaijan from any Russian bank that supports CONTACT money transfer system. The transfer of funds is available in rubles, while the recipient will receive the transfer in Azerbaijani manats.


CONTACT is the first Russian system of money transfers and payments. Founded in 1999 by JSCB RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC). Allows you to transfer money around the world and make payments. On August 3, 2012, the CONTACT payment system was registered in the register of payment system operators of the Bank of Russia under the number 0001. In April 2013, the Bank of Russia assigned the status of socially significant to the CONTACT Payment System.

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